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Professor John Haine
IoT Security Foundation

John Haine has spent his career in the electronics and communications industry, working for British Telecom, Marconi, PA Consulting, and with start-ups including Cognito and Ionica.  His technical background includes R&D in radio circuitry and microwave circuit theory; and the design of novel radio systems for cordless telephony, mobile data, and fixed wireless access.  He has led standardisation activities in both the latter areas in ETSI, and contributed to WiMax.

In 1999 he joined TTP Communications working on research, technology strategy and M&A activities; and after the company’s acquisition by Motorola became Director of Technology Strategy in Motorola Mobile Devices.  After leaving Motorola he was CTO Enterprise Systems with ip.access Limited, the leading manufacturer of GSM picocells and 3G femtocells.  In early 2010 he joined Cognovo Limited, which was acquired by u-blox AG in 2012. In u-blox John worked on RF platform strategy for future wireless modules.  He led u-blox’ involvement in a major 3GPP standards activity on low complexity cellular communications for the Internet of Things, and the company’s early development of devices for trials and demonstrations. Now retired from u-blox he is Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Bristol University, focusing on Radio Systems for the Internet of Things.

John has a first degree from Birmingham (1971) and a PhD from Leeds (1977) universities.  He is a member of the IET and IEEE and serves on the Cambridge Wireless Board.

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