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Moving retail IoT strategies from concept to reality to drive sales, engagement, efficiency and competitive advantage

Mark Cody
Mobile Consultant, Former Head of Mobile Products and Services,
and Former Head of Digital Marketing Innovation,

A mobile industry veteran, Mark has been helping brands and retailers unlock the power of mobile and digital customer engagement for over 15 years.

He cut his teeth in the exciting world of mobile in 2002 when he joining O2, spending 10 successful years in a number of commercial and consultancy roles.

He joined Tesco in 2012 to head up and deliver a Mobile Marketing and digital customer engagement strategy and was the driving force behind the focus on mobile which was recognised by the IAB in 2015 with Tesco being awarded 'Star Mobile Marketer' status across 250 of the UK's top brands. Highlights of his time at Tesco were spearheading a wide range of innovative and groundbreaking experiences for customers including mobile coupons, micro-location trials and industry-leading augmented reality campaigns.

In 2015, Mark joined Camelot as Head of Mobile Products and Services to take ownership of their mobile vision and product strategy. Highlights were growing app downloads by over 200%, increasing active users to over 70% and launching the highly successful ticket scanning service.

Mark left Camelot in January 2017 and is currently consulting with a number of brands and agencies on their mobile and digital retail strategies.